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Photocatalyst coating glass


Photocatalyst  depends on light energy to achieve disinfection, sterilization, and self-cleaning effect. Current photocatalysts made ​​of sintered powders are mostly dissolved in a solution of the appropriate dispersing solvent. However, the adhesion on glass and transmittance are usually poor. Giant Nano develops the photocatalyst which has overcome disadvantages of adhesion and penetration degree. Light can effectively filter out and reflect through the product even for short wavelenght light source.
The application of photocatalyst is mainly on glass, but it can also apply to other substrates. Scope can be exteneded to different industries needed to deploy and process.


  1. Sol-gel based liquid solutions
  2. Good stability / good security
  3. Excellent ease of use, without adding other chemicals
  4. Inorganic materials
  5. Sterilization and deodorization
  6. Photocatalyst
  7. UV light and visible light(Blue, purple light) absorption


Item PSG-05 Test method
Solid content 3% crucible
pH value 7±0.5 Metrohm 905 Titrando
viscosity (cp) <10 A&D SV-10
appearance yellow visual

Process condition

Item PSG Mark
Solution temperature(°C) 23~27  
Coating method Spray/Roller Dry film thickness >100nm
Higher dry film thickness, higher UV-cut percentage
Coating environment-temperature (°C) 23~27  
Coating environment-humidity (%) 50~80  
Curing temperature (°C) 300~600 °C 30min  


Item PSB-OX PSG-PX PSG-HX Test method reference
Adhesion 5B (Under 5 days sunlig ht) 5B 5B 3M scotch 600 tape ASTM3359
water contact angle <20° <10° <20° Goniometer  
Pencil hardness 5H (Under 5 days sunlight) 7H >8H 1kg ASTM3363
Gloss 60° >170 >170 >170 Gloss meter  
Sterilization >80% >80% >80% FIRDI(visible light) TN-002
Sterilization >99.99% >99.99% >99.99% NCKU (UV light) TN-002