Giant-nano material technology Co., Ltd.


Giant-nano material technology Co., Ltd.

About Giant Technology

■ Company Brief

Operation Sites :3F., No. 199, Zhonghe St., Zhubei City, Hsinchu County 302047 , Taiwan
Giant Nano Technology was established in February 2013. Giant Nano focuses on the development of optical coatings, materials, and manufacturing. Nano Giant is a combination of  development, design, and production business. The company has a mature nanotechnology of coating spray, combined with own research and development. Our service fields are included optoelectronics, semiconductor, livelihood, and construction industries in Asia, North America, and Europe areas.

Our research team is combined elites from various fields, such as research and development, mechanical and electrical, process, and marketing. We work closely together with our customers to achieve their goals and provide complete service. We also have closed relationship with academic universities in Taiwan as a leader of  industry-university cooperation.

■ Management philosophy

At present domestic industries of  photovoltaic, semiconductor, and traditionsl coating technology, they ignore the importance of their own research and development of materials and loss opportunities to obtain leading key-technology. The chemical raw materials and production processes are mostly relied on foreign technology-based suppliers, such as 3M, Dupont, Asahi, DAIKIN, Dow, Corning, etc, and the companies profits are severely compressed. Giant Nano holds a key chemical coating technology and nano-development of energy. As a vendor to provide a complete solutions, Giant Nano can make our customers no longer constrain by foreign expensive import raw materials and contractual restrictions machine equipments for all domestic optoelectronics, semiconductor, construction, and texile materials industies.

Giant Nano has accumulated more than ten years of professional research and development of energy with a self-developed design-related machines. Giant Nano ultimate goal is to create a win-win situation, specializing in manufacturing and solving customers predictable problems. Moreover, Giant Nano cares about environmental issues. We have developed environment-friendly recipes and expected to become pioneers in the future.

■ Competitive Advantage

Product Goal:  Become the most professional customized nano-coating developers and supplier.
Customer Partnership:  Relationships and strategic alliances in order to meet customers' greatest needs and maximize advantages.
Vertical integration : With strategic alliances and corporate integration, Giant Nano will establish material development technology partnership to promote integration of technology and materials, and strengthen alliances resilience.
Cost advantage      :With holding key technologies and combining with the best solutions, Giant Nano can promote cost reduction and enhance competitive advantages.
Technical development  :Customization oriented model. Giant Nano willcooperate with our customers to accelerate development procedure by technology exchange.
Management  : Implanting high quality enterprise management mode. Giant Nano will strengthen executive power and competitiveness.

Service items

■ Function primer development

Giant Nano has professional experiencea in the development of nano-coating agents and can also provide counsulting for modification of products based on customer demand or request. Our coating field can be applied to all kind of plastic substrate, such as PC, PP, PMMA, or even extended to textile, steel, and building materials. Based on different functions of coating requirements, we can serve different coating characteristics, such as hard coating, anti-reflective, anti-glare, anti-UV, acid, hydrophilic and hydrophobic, and other composite photocatalyst coating material. These applications can be used in many different industries, for example, photovoltaic semiconductor, construction, textiles,  and other consumer or chemical industries. In addition, Giant Nano can also customize our products with special requests if needed.

■ Coating process development

A good wet process coating (Spray / Roll / Dip coating) process development has been used in optoelectronics and semiconductor industries. An appropriate match of raw materials and coating process are in order to reach a common path ideal goal - product yield and production output maximization. Therefore, Giant Nano can provide a complete solution of manufacturing-related aspect of design. Giant Nano welcomes you to join as one our partners to achieve evolutionary processes and reduce production cost under this intense competitive environment.

■ Production of machine design

In general, the industry can be divided into two types of mechanism design:
1. Own design: high creativity, low functionality.
2. Observe the post-design: highly functional, low creativity.
Giant Nano understands customers needs, functions, reason, and realistic situation. Giant Nano will achieve excellent function and innovation to satisfy customers requests.
Giant Nano is prondly as a supplier of spray and equipment manufacturers in Taiwan and China. Giant Nano is looking forward as the best provider of the most professional and complete production equipment supplier in the near future.

■ Win-win cooperation model

Based on market supply and demand, Giant Nano welcomes all functions of industries, such as materials, chemistry, chemical engineering, electronics, etc, to become our cooperate partners for product and technology development.