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Anti-fog film


The super-hydrophilic anti-fog film uses special nanotechnology to flatten water droplets of different sizes, so that the line of sight is no longer blurred by light scattering. Unlike other anti-fog films, our anti-fog films have high weather resistance, anti-fog properties, and abrasion resistance, achieving a high level of performance and durability.


Item Anti-fog film
Appearance Transparent 
Width(mm) 1000
Length(mm) 200,1000


1. Passed EN-168 certification
2. Transmittance: (90±1)%@550nm (typical value)
3. Anti-fog: 50℃~100℃ steam for 15 minutes without fog
4. Film pencil hardness: ≥2B
5. Water contact angle <10°
6.25℃ water for 24 hours: clear, excellent anti-fog performance
7. 100 ppm Cl2 water for 1 hour: clear, excellent anti-fog performance
8.5% NaCl water at 90°C for 5 minutes: clear, excellent anti-fog performance
9. Ultrasound in water 3 minutes 3 times: clear, excellent anti-fog
10. 500 hours of light irradiation: clear, excellent anti-fog
11. Alcohol, detergent cleaning more than 100 times, excellent anti-fog performance
12.85℃ temperature, 85% relative humidity for 1000 hours, excellent anti-fog performance
13. Adhesion test: 5B

Thin film structure