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Anti-glare coating


The properties of glass surface are smooth and can reflect light easily. The light reflection can be reduced by anti-glare coating on the surface.
Etching the glass with HF is the traditional way to reduce reflection effectively. But HF is highly dangerous to human and high cost for wastewater resolution. Another approach to do anti-glare is to coat a PET film and paste the PET film on glass, but the cost is fairly high. 
Giant Nano provides an anti-glare material to coat on glass directly. 8H hardness can be achieved, and smoother surface than traditional glass. 
Giant Nano also provides different water contact angles, different gloss and different charity anti-glare material depends on customer's requirements.


  1. Sol-gel based liquid solutions
  2. Good stability / safety
  3. Excellent ease of use, without adding other chemicals 
  4. Hard film
  5. Inorganic materials
  6. Different water contact angle, different gloss and different charity, depend on requirement
  7. Anti-glare effect
  8. High transmission
  9. Can be sintered at low temperature


ITem GSG-5250P instrument mark
Solid content(%) 4±0.5 crucible  
pH value 4.75〜5.25 Metrohm 905
Viscosity (cp) 1.1-1.2 A&D SV-10 25℃
specific gravity 0.81 〜0.83 Hydrometer 25℃
appearance color transparent Visual  
appearance form liquid Visual  

Process condition

Item GSG-5250P
Solution temperature (°C) 25
Coating method Spray
Coating environment-temperature (°C) 23~27
Coating environment-humidity (%) <70
Curing temperature 150~300°C
30~60 mins


Item GSG-5250P Test method Reference
appearance transparent    
Penal film hardness 7H    
Adhesion 5B 3M scotch 600 ASTM3359
Gloss rang >60    
Haze range 2~30    
Film roughness (um) @gloss=80 <0.1    
AG/AF abrasion resistance (cycles)
2cm*2cm #0000 steel wool result
Chemical resistance- pH=10~11 detergent dean in cleaner 3 times △ Gloss60< 10    
Chemical resistance - 0.1M H2SO4 60 minutes △ Gloss60< 10    
Chemical resistance - 0.25M NaOH 60 minutes △ Gloss 60< 10    
Damp Heat - 80°C 80% 200 hours △ Gloss60< 10