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Flame Resistant Coating


First-class fire-resistant coatings primarily use inorganic binder silicon sol-gel as the film-forming material. Silicon sol-gel is a natural mineral that contains no harmful substances, making it a non-toxic, odorless, and non-irritating fire-resistant material with no adverse effects on the environment and human health.


  1. Excellent adhesion to substrates in harsh environments
  2. Outstanding resistance to moisture, mold, weathering, and fire
  3. UV resistance and thermal insulation properties
  4. Good corrosion resistance


Item AEST-M9 Test method
color transparent Visually
Viscosity(cp) <100  (25℃) Viscometer
Specific gravity 1±0.05 (25℃) Hydrometer
Solid content(%) 20~23 Crucible

Process condition

Item AEST-M9
Dry film thickness(um) 10~30
Number of coating layers ≥ 2
Prescribed coating amount 4500~700 g / m2
Coating interval Natural curing 30~60 min
Drying time Natural curing : Tack: 6~8hr  Full curing : 48~72hr
Baking: 80℃  30 min