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High temperature insulation coating


High-temperature thermal insulation paint, composed of stacked layers of high specific heat refractory cement, can reduce thermal conductivity, block the transfer of heat, and significantly lower the surface temperature of pipes or equipment.


  1. In harsh environments, it exhibits excellent adhesion to the substrate
  2. Provides outstanding thermal insulation, reducing energy consumption
  3. Suitable for various inorganic materials


Item TMW-01 Test method
Specific gravity (g/cm3) 1.1±0.1 Hydrometer
color gray visual
Solid content(%) 58~62% crucible

Process condition

Item TMW-01
Substrate pre-treatment Sand blasting pre-treatment
Number of coating layers 6
Prescribed coating amount 4~6 kg/m2 (5mm)
Coating interval Natural curing 16-24 hr or  80°C 3hr
Drying time Natural curing : Tack: 16~24hr  Full curing : 48~72hr
Baking: 80℃  3hr