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High wear-resistant hardened coating


Traditional plastic substrate has poor hardness, and its surface is easily scratched. Coating with a scratch-resistant hard-coating can successfully increase the surface hardness of the plastic.
HSM product curing process is simple. The reaction will be completed by applying thermal, IR, or UV light to dry the surface of the paint


Item HSM-13 HSM-17 instrument
Solid content(%) 50 50  
Viscosity (cp) 15 10~15 A&D SV-10
Solvent IPA PGME  
appearance transparent transparent Visual

Process condition

Item HSM-13 HSM-17 note
Solution temperture(°C) RT RT under dark or yellow light environment
5um,3um,1um filter
Coating Spray/Dip/Flow/Roller Spray/Dip/Flow/Roller Dry film thickness =5~15um
Dry temperature (°C)  80°C 60s  80°C 60s  
UV curing  >300 mj/cm2 >300 mj/cm2 365 nm UV light


Item HSM-13 HSM-17 Metrology     Reference
appearance transparent transparent Visual  
Adhesion 5B 5B 3M scotch 600 tape ASTM3359
water contact angle 80°~100°   Gonio meter  
(On PC) Pencil hardness 3H @10um thickness
4H @15um thickness
3H @10um thickness
4H @15umthickness
750g ASTM3363
(On PMMA) Pencil
hard ness
7H @10um thickness
8H @15um thickness
7H @10um thickness
8H @15um thickness
750g ASTM3363
(On PMMA) Transmission 92% 92% 420nm~680nm  
(On PC) Transmission 86% 86% 420nm~680nm  
Haze ratio <0.3% <0.3% 420nm~680nm  


Item HSM-13 HSM-17
Qsun 1,000 hours Pass Pass
Heat resistance, 80°C 1,000 hours Pass Pass
Damp heat, 70°C 90% 1,000 hours Pass Pass
80°C water 100 hours Pass Pass
30g ball 100cm height Pass Pass
2cm*2cm #0000 steel wool 1kg 3,000 times No scratch No scratch