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Hydrophilic film


The super-hydrophilic membrane uses special nanotechnology to disperse water droplets of various sizes. Unlike other hydrophilic membranes, CQ superhydrophilic membranes have excellent weather resistance, can last for more than one year, and do not require any special storage conditions. The film also has coating development possibilities that can be adjusted and adapted to customer requirements by controlling the diffusion rate and area.


  1. Low water contact angle
  2. Fast fluid flow
  3. Excellent stability


Item Anti-fog film
Appearance Transparent 
Width(mm) 1000
Length(mm) 200,1000


1. Transmittance: (90±1)% @ 550nm (typical value)
2. Film pencil hardness: ≥HB
3. Water contact angle <10°
4. Shelf life: 18 months

Thin film structure