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Hydrophobic material (glass)


Silane nano hydrophobic material can increase the incompatibility between the substrate and water exclusion. Due to the general substrate (glass, plastic, etc) contains a large number of hydrophilic functional groups on the surface, it easily makes the surface produce static electricity and accumulate dust and dirt. Silane hydrophobic nano materials can improve the surface hydrophilicity making the substrate with a hydrophobic, easy-to-clean, anti-fingerprint, and penetration capabilities. The product can be applied by spraying under low temperature to achieve cost . Its applications can be extended to the monitor (touch panel) cover glass, display windows, automotive glass, and architectural glass industry.


  1. Sol-gel based liquid solutions
  2. Good stability/safety
  3. Excellent ease of use,without adding other chemicals 
  4. Eco-friendly material (non-fluorocarbon)
  5. Hydrophobic function (easy to clean)
  6. Anti-fingerprint ability
  7. Light transmitance (gain> 1%)
  8. Excellent degree of surface smoothness
  9. No flash point solvent
  10. Low refractive index, low viscosity


item MSG-OX Test method Reference Mark
pH value 1.8~2 Metrohm 905 Titrando    
Viscosity (cp) 3~5 A&D SV-10    
specific gravity 0.83+0.02 Hydrometer    
Solid content 2.50% Gannabe    
particle size (nm) 10nm Horiba LB-550    
appearance transparent   Visual  
Flash point (°C) 35°C SGS ASTM D92  
Density (g/ml) 0.81+0.1 SGS ASTM D4052 @20°C
Fire point (°C) 37°C SGS ASTM D92  


Item MSG-0X Mark
Solution temperature (°C) R.T. can use 95% alcohol dilute
Coating Spray/Dip  
Coating environment-temperature (°C) R.T.  
Coating environment-humidity (%) 40~70  
Curing temperature Method 1 : 80~200°C,5 mins
Method 2 : room temperature,30 mins


Item MSG-0X test methods reference
Transmission gain(%) 1.2~1.5 PerkinElmer 750 ISO 9050
Pencil hardness 4H~5H 1kg ATMD 3363-05
Water contact angle 105°~108° Goniometer ASTMD 7334
Refractive index(@532nm) 1.38 JA Wollam Ellipsometer  
Solvent resistance 1    
Adhension 5B 3M scotch 600 tape ASTM3359