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Hydrophobic material (metal)


The product of anti-finger print series are categorized room-temperature dry-air reaction product. The series of products are transparent liquid, and they can be applied on glasses, ceramics, metal substrate, etc., to make the substrates gain anti-finger print and easy clean properties. The product contains Fluoropolymer can generate a nano low surface energy film with Alkoxysilane reagent on glasses, ceramics, PET, PMMA, PC, PVC, etc. The nano film can prevent liquid surface from swelling and keep strong cohesion of liquid. The nano film is extremely stable and has chemical bonding with surface of substrate. As a result, it is hard to remove the film from the substrate, unless by using strong alkali or aggressive brush to ruin the film structure. 


  1. Protection substrate function
  2. Hydrophobic and oleophobic properties
  3. Easy to clean
  4. High transmission
  5. Easy to process 
  6. Not Fluorocarbon material


Item MSG-15A Test method
pH value 8±1 Metrohm 905 Titrando
Viscosity (cp) 1.12±0.05 A&D SV-10
specific gravity 0.78+0.02 Hydrometer
Solid content(%) 10±2 Crucible
appearance transparent Visual

Process condition

Item MST-15A Mark
Solution temperature (°C) R.T.  
Coating Spray/Roller  
Coating environment-temperature (°C) R.T.  
Curing temperature Method 1 : 100°C,1mins → aging 7days
Method 2 : aging 7days


Item MST-15A Test method reference
Pencil hardness >7H(@25℃) 1kg ATMD 3363
Water contact angle >80° Goniometer  
Solvent resistance Ethanol Wipe 200 time  
Adhension 5B 3M scotch 600 tape ASTM3359