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Giant-nano material technology Co., Ltd.

Inorganic radiation heat dissipation coating


Giant Nano CST materials perform with high thermal conductivity and high electrical insulating. CST materials can be used for LED heat dissipated substrate or package materials .


  1. Insulating material
  2. High thermal conductivity coefficient
  3. High corrosion resistance
  4. High hardness
  5. The surface is non-stick and easy to clean
  6. burning resistance and heat-resistant 
  7. Low curing temperature


Item CST-05 Teat method
specific gravity (g/cm3) 1.2±0.05 Crucible
Viscosity (cp) 10~30 A&D SV-10
Solid content 50±2% 150 ℃ 30mins

Process condition

Item CST-05
Substrate pre-treatment 1.Sand blasting pre-treatment surface pre-treatment
3.Acid-Alkai pre-treatment
Solution temperature (°C) R.T.
Coating Paint/Spray/Dip
Curing temperature (°C) 150~200 °C 20~30 mins


Item CST-05 note
Apperance Variable  
Thermal conductivity coefficient (W/m.k) ≥220  
resistance (ꭥ ) ≥9x10¹³  
Temperature resistance(℃) ≤250℃ >250℃,surface yellowing
Pencil Hardness >7H  
breakdown voitage(kV) ≥2.66  


Product Image



Test item Test condition Test result
Salt mist 1,000 hours No peeling,No crack
Q-sun 5,000 hours No peeling,No crack S3

heat test