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PAG (Anti-glare + hard-coating)


Generally, the surface of plastic or glass has a high gloss. When used outdoors or with a strong backlight, the eyes will feel glare and damage the eyes.
In addition to glass, many brands of displays currently replace glass with plastic, most commonly PMMA; the United States will legislate, education will be fully digitized, and students under the age of 12 must fully use PMMA touch panels with anti-glare treatment. direction. In addition, display protective film or explosion-proof film is also one of the main applications.


Item DPAG-01 DPAG-02 DPAG-03 DPAG-33 DPAG-34 instrument note
Solid content 25.0% 30.0% 30.0% 35.0% 35.0% 100°C 30 mins adjustable
Viscosity (cp) <10 15~25 45~55 10~20 10~20 A& D SV-10  
Solvent based EAC/BAC EAC/BAC EAC/BAC Ethanol Ethanol    
appearance white white white white white    

Process condition

Item DPAG-01,02,03 DPAG-33,34 Mark
Solution temperature(°C) 23~27 23~27 5um,3um,1um filter
Coating method Roller Spray  
Coating environment-temperature (°C) 23~27 23~27  
Coating environment-humidity (%) 50~80 50~80  
Curing temperature (°C) 80°C 1min 80°C 1min  
UV curing ≧300 mj/cm2 ≧300 mj/cm2  


Item DPAG-01 DPAG-02 DPAG-03 DPAG-33 DPAG-34 Test method reference
Adhesion 5B 5B 5B 5B 5B 3M scotch 600 ASTM3359
(on PMMA) Film pencil hardness 5H 6H 6H 6H 6H 750g ASTM3363
(on PC) Film pencil handness H~2H H~2H H~2H H~2H H~2H 750g  
(on PMMA) transmission >91% >91% >91% >91% >91% PerkinElmer 750  
roughness <0.2um <0.2um <0.2um <0.2um <0.2um    
Gloss 60° 90~120 50~80 <40 50~90 <50 Gloss meter  
Haze ratio 3%~8% 10%~15% >15% 8%~15% >15%